Welcome to CentralOregonFirewood.com

two_pathsWelcome to CentralOregonFirewood.com the best local way to order affordable high quality firewood online and have it delivered right to your door.

Our company offers a unique and easy way to order firewood year around utlizing multiple local firewood suppliers. All of our firewood can be ordered either split and ready to burn or in rounds. We are a trusted service with an established customer base of over a thousand families and businesses here in central oregon. 

We offer an impressive selection of local Lodge Pole and Juniper firewood harvested right here in Oregon. In addition to our clean and hot burning dry firewood we also carry various specialty woods when in season like douglas fir, tamarack and oak firewood.

We can fill special orders upon request, for those seeking specialty woods for their higher btu rating, longer burning times or for use in BBQ, smoking, decorative display or better burning fragrances. Our company offers firewood delivery service to the cities of Bend, Redmond, Tumalo, Sisters, Terrebonne, Sunriver and even some outer areas in special situations for an additional fee.

Keeping it local is what makes central Oregon so great and allows us to offer very affordable pricing to all residents, businesses and non-profit groups in the area. We are a family owned company that works hard to deliver the very best wood products available


Simply place an order over the phone or you can also make a quick online order. The best part about our easy ordering process is you do not have to pay for your firewood until it is delivered. 

If you are ready to put your firewood supply on autopilot this year come and experience the Central Oregon Firewood difference. Let us warm your home and make your life easier.